Russell Buchanan Designs Aperture’s First Home
Oct 4, 2018

The first new home at Aperture has officially broken ground, and celebrated Dallas architect Russell Buchanan is the designer. Founder and principal at Buchanan Architecture, Russell is known for his simple lines and clean, modern look. His projects have won awards and been featured in the pages of Architectural Digest.

Site excavation work got underway at lot 17 this week. Well-known in the Dallas area, the Aperture project is Buchanan Architecture’s first mountain home. “Our goal was to design a residence that is in keeping with a more contemporary lifestyle and to take advantage of the amazing natural setting and views,” Russell shared. “The setting for the entire Aperture development is spectacular,” he continued. “Gorgeous views of the mountains and valleys surround each lot. For this home, we decided to orient the main living spaces and guest rooms towards the peak of Mt. Crested Butte. Secondary views are directed towards the wetlands and down the valley to the south to capture the wildflowers in bloom.”

Crested Butte is known for its abundant sunshine, and Russell explained that “Solar orientation was a key component to the design. The house is positioned to enjoy the morning light from the east and the breezes from the south, while limiting exposure to the hot sun from the west in the afternoon.”

“My favorite part of this project has been working with the great people involved in the development and the community of Crested Butte. Everyone has been so nice and cooperative to make this development a success,” Russell concluded.

In addition to his architecture practice, Russell is also an artist and has designed a collection of furniture. His sculptural Spring Table is included in the permanent collection of the Dallas Museum of Art. Russell’s work in architecture, furniture design and artwork has been widely published in the national and international press, including articles in Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Architecture, Texas Architect, Metropolitan Home, and the I.D. Review.

For ongoing construction progress photos of the lot 17 home, check out Aperture’s posts on Facebook and Instagram.