Recent News
The Slate River flows from its source near Yule Pass in the Raggeds Wilderness Area almost 24 miles to its confluence with the East River just southeast of Crested Butte. The Aperture neighborhood has over 1,100 feet of Slate River... Read More
Development of the Aperture neighborhood is progressing rapidly this summer season. One recently completed special project provides lasting benefits to local residents by restoring and donating land to the Town of Crested Butte. As part of Gunnison County’s formal plan... Read More
We are excited to announce the first residences to be built in the new Aperture neighborhood. One home will be on lot 6, which is just over a half-acre and features unobstructed views up towards Paradise Divide. The home will... Read More
Construction Updates
The impressive entrance to the new, private neighborhood of Aperture is the Pyramid Avenue Bridge. Spanning the Slate River, the structural steel and concrete work for the bridge has been completed allowing vehicles and pedestrians to cross and gain access... Read More