Pyramid Avenue Bridge Opens
May 8, 2018

The impressive entrance to the new, private neighborhood of Aperture is the Pyramid Avenue Bridge. Spanning the Slate River, the structural steel and concrete work for the bridge has been completed allowing vehicles and pedestrians to cross and gain access to the development.

The Pyramid Avenue Bridge can be accessed from Eighth Street or from Gothic Road (County Road 317) just a few blocks north of the intersection of Gothic Road and Elk Avenue, Crested Butte’s main street. The colorful, historic downtown district is a short stroll or bike ride from Aperture.

The bridge provides private access to the Aperture neighborhood and leads to the planned homeowner river park and a landscaped pedestrian trail that will connect to the Crested Butte Recreation Path.

Work continues on the ornamental elements of the bridge, with decorative railings and rustic stonework slated for completion by the end of June. Once completed, the bridge will not only serve the useful function of providing passage over the river, but the beauty of the Pyramid Avenue Bridge will set the stage for the exciting and inspiring homes that will soon be built here.